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Great Pretender 渣翻

2020-10-2 12:52 (+0)
适当追求押韵,适当追求能按原版相同音节划分唱起来。 然后发现了我的英语水平有多渣的事实,语文也是…… Oh yes I'm the great pretender 哦是的 我是伪装人 Pretending that I'm doing well 伪 ... (more)

《Dear Ash》英二写给亚修的信全文

2018-12-22 14:46 (+0)
Ash— I am very worried because I haven't seen you and I don't know if you are okay. You said to me before, "We live in different worlds." But I am not sure if that is true. We a ... (more)