Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project


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"Life is like a waiting room, except people don't leave in the order they enter."
So when it is time to leave, where will it be? And will you be able to smile in the end?

Narcissu is a thought provoking visual novel series about terminal illness, living, dying, and the relationship between those leaving and those left behind. There are no miracles, no heroes, no villains in this story. Just life and the characters finding their own ways of facing death in an indifferent, relentless, ever-impartial reality.

Praised by fans for its moving story and high production quality, the original games have been download over a million times and spawned a manga and light novel, and has been localized in several languages across the world. This anthology finally brings the games that were never released outside of Japan in any form to the world for eager fans, as well as updating artwork, voice work, and a brand new written chapter exclusive to this anthology: "Sumire".

Further breaking new grounds, this anthology builds on the massively popular music which has captured the hearts of thousands of Narcissu fans by adding 2 video game legends to the musical roster: Chris Huelsbeck of Turrican fame, and Hiroki Kikuta of Secret of Mana fame.

The story is told in 5 games and produced through a successful Kickstarter campaign. The original games (Narcissu 1st&2nd) of the series are available for free on Steam. This anthology series will contain an additional 4 scenarios in the series.

The core of this anthology are the following included games:
Narcissu - The story that started it all. Two terminally ill patients meet on the 7th floor hospice. Neither like the 7th floor, nor their own homes. And so they set off on a journey.
Narcissu 2 - A prequel to the original, telling the story of a patient named Himeko through Setsumi's eyes.
Narcissu 2: Himeko's Epilogue, details the final moments of Himeko's story.

And these following scenarios are scheduled for release as DLC in early 2016:
Narcissu: A Little Iris - A side story set in medieval Europe, exploring what it means to desire to live, or die.
Narcissu: Zero - The origin story of the 7th floor hospice and its rules.
Narcissu: Sumire - An entirely new chapter in the series, it tells the tale of two girls who cross paths: one dying and the other desiring death, both filled with profound regrets about their respective lives.


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by 五有三有 2020-7-13 07:26 (+0)
没有PSP版的EP蒔絵素子和EPナルキッソス,也没有3代的其他三位作者的作品。PSP版的EP阿東優在10周年版里也不完整。 如果PSP版的所有文字都移到十周年版里,那就完美了。 (more)



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Zero 8 分,看起来评分是给整合版的就把整个系列的分一起算上吧。多亏这个十周年项目,能把水仙的曲子好好收到一张碟子里了。收篇有所考量,没有收3rd非片冈的部分,我个人觉得 Iris 不太适合收进来就是了。另外比较怨念的是,从众筹开始,等了几年住址都换了几次,现在都还没等到实体グッズ。

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