ep.6 The Adversary

时长:00:57:19 / 首播:2016-11-06
The Man in Black and Teddy continue their journey to find Wyatt, but must slip by a Union Army outpost. However, the soldiers recognize Teddy as an accomplice in Wyatt's massacre of his unit. Teddy receives a flashback that confirms his complicity in Wyatt's massacre, and he kills all of the Union soldiers before moving on with the Man in the Black. Lee, distraught over Ford rejecting his narrative, gets himself drunk and disrupts park operations by urinating in the control room until he is introduced to Charlotte Hale, a representative from the Board sent to observe park operations. Theresa, fearing a possible conflict of interest, breaks off her relationship with Bernard. Bernard begins to investigate Ford's activities, and finds out that Ford has secretly been keeping a family of hosts. Elsie continues to investigate the glitches and warns Bernard that Theresa is the culprit for trying to smuggle data out of Westworld, and that Arnold is apparently remotely reprogramming the first generation hosts before she is abducted by an unknown assailant. Ford interrogates a child host on why he killed his pet dog, and the child host responds that Arnold ordered him to. Maeve seduces Felix and Sylvester and convinces them to change her programming, though the duo realize that somebody else has already secretly modified her programming before they set her intelligence rating to its maximum limit.
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看起来Maeve要开挂了(bgm07) 但是感觉不合理啊,员工被要挟的时候明明可以先把Maeve属性值调到最低,erase之后再调回来
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因为其中一个变态人是心甘情愿的 (bgm38)
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若卡 说: 因为其中一个变态人是心甘情愿的
hentai (bgm38)
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说明他俩的bulk apperception均低于14(bgm38)
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(Accept Your Nature)
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我觉得这剧智商在下降 想弃了。
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(Let me be brave.)
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(苍山绿水 百鸟朝歌)
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(moving on)