Westworld Season 1

ep.5 Contrapasso

时长:00:56:34 / 首播:2016-10-30
Elsie discovers that the stray has been transmitting information outside of the park to an unknown party. On his journey to find Wyatt, the Man in Black kills Lawrence. He is then confronted by Dr. Ford, who assures him that he will not stop his efforts to find the maze. Dolores, William, and Logan travel to the town of Pariah, where they meet criminal gang leader El Lazo, who tasks them with stealing a wagon of high explosives from the army. They successfully steal the high explosives and give them to El Lazo, who then sells them to ex-Confederate outlaws. Dolores continues receiving disturbing visions urging her to find the maze and realizes El Lazo actually stole the explosives for himself and sold the ex-Confederates fakes. Upon discovering the fakes, the ex-Confederates apprehend Logan while William and Dolores flee and confront El Lazo, who reveals himself to be Lawrence. Meanwhile, Maeve awakens in the control center and tells a technician that she wants to talk.
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