Westworld Season 1

ep.3 The Stray

时长:00:59:34 / 首播:2016-10-16
After William is shot but only bruised, while getting involved in the action he drags Logan off on a quest. Dolores asks Teddy to leave with her now, but he has business to deal with first. She wants him to teach her to shoot but she can't fire the gun due to her programming. Ford changes Teddy's backstory for his new narrative. Instead of going to the homestead with Dolores, he joins a posse hunting Wyatt, an old army colleague who has gone rogue and is terrorizing the countryside. They find Wyatt's gang of fanatics but are outnumbered. Teddy tells a guest to flee and attacks but his bullets have no effect. Elsie discovers Walter was talking to an imaginary figure Arnold and killed hosts who had killed him in past roles. Ford tells Bernard that Arnold, who is dead, was his old partner who tried to make the hosts conscious using internal dialogues. Bernard is worried about the effect their conversations have had on Dolores but does nothing because she promises to keep quiet and follow her loop. Elsie and Stubbs are sent to capture a stray host. They find him trapped in a ravine and when Stubbs tries to retrieve his head, he wakes up and attacks them but then kills himself instead of Elsie. When Dolores arrives at the homestead the guest, whom Teddy had previously scared off in town, is with the bandits. One of the bandit hosts with the guest drags her into the barn to rape her. She steals his gun but is unable to shoot him until she sees him as the Man in Black. Dolores escapes, finds William and Logan's campsite and collapses in William's arms.
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