Westworld Season 1

ep.4 Dissonance Theory

时长:00:58:37 / 首播:2016-10-23
After rescuing Dolores, William decides to bring her along with him on his bounty hunt to keep an eye on her despite Logan's protests. William and Logan manage to capture their bounty after a firefight, but Logan betrays their guide and frees the bounty after he offers them a better deal. Horrified at Logan's casual cruelty towards the hosts, William decides to part ways with Logan. Meanwhile, the Man in Black follows the clues Lawrence's daughter gave him, and concludes that the bandit Armistice is the next clue due to her snake tattoo. The Man in Black helps her rescue Hector from prison in return for her telling him how she got the tattoo. Armistice then tells him that she adds to the tattoo whenever she kills one of the men responsible for killing her family, and the last person she is seeking is Wyatt. The Man in Black reveals he knows about Arnold before he decides to track Wyatt, and encounters a beaten and bloodied Teddy. In the control center, Theresa is concerned over the incident with the stray and puts the investigation into the glitches under the jurisdiction of the QA department. She then meets Ford concerning his narrative, and Ford warns her not to interfere with his plans. Back in Sweetwater, Maeve still has troubling visions of past memories. Believing that Hector has the answers she needs, she corners him and asks him about "The Shade". Hector mentions that it is a godlike deity the natives worship, and it visits people after their death. Remembering that she had been previously shot, Maeve cuts open her unscarred belly and pulls out a bullet, proving her suspicions correct before a force of marshals open fire on them.
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