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"Life is like a waiting room, except people don't leave in the order they enter."
So when it is time to leave, where will it be? And will you be able to smile in the end?

Narcissu is a thought provoking visual novel series about terminal illness, living, dying, and the relationship between those leaving and those left behind. There are no miracles, no heroes, no villains in this story. Just life and the characters finding their own ways of facing death in an indifferent, relentless, ever-impartial reality.

Praised by fans for its moving story and high production quality, the original games have been download over a million times and spawned a manga and light novel, and has been localized in several languages across the world. This anthology finally brings the games that were never released outside of Japan in any form to the world for eager fans, as well as updating artwork, voice work, and a brand new written chapter exclusive to this anthology: "Sumire".

Further breaking new grounds, this anthology builds on the massively popular music which has captured the hearts of thousands of Narcissu fans by adding 2 video game legends to the musical roster: Chris Huelsbeck of Turrican fame, and Hiroki Kikuta of Secret of Mana fame.

The story is told in 5 games and produced through a successful Kickstarter campaign. The original games (Narcissu 1st&2nd) of the series are available for free on Steam. This anthology series will contain an additional 4 scenarios in the series.



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没有PSP版的EP蒔絵素子和EPナルキッソス,也没有3代的其他三位作者的作品。PSP版的EP阿東優在10周年版里也不完整。 如果PSP版的所有文字都移到十周年版里,那就完美了。 (more)


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——一段灿烂的回忆,一个冬日的故事—— Narcissu的花语是珍爱自己,为了能让自己自由的选择,死并非生的对立面,而是作为生的一部分保存下去,纵然没有选择死亡的权利,但为了可以让所有人发出祈祷,露出微笑,而选择如何地去离开;忧郁的故事所表达的是希望与延续,宛若凛冬中,无机质的白色建筑下,静谧地摇曳在草地一隅的水仙,无垢且美好。 纯粹的感动下又富含深意的作品,可能,这就是一个好故事该有的样子吧

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很好的作品。 有段时间对生对死有点神棍,也不知道以后除了工作了该干什么。但我水仙给了我启发,准备去考驾照了。

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steam 补票+练英语

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