Many people come here: travellers, runaways, soldiers and very rarely…witches. I like to drink, talk, laugh and cry with my customers. After our drinks, most of them leave, never to be seen again. That’s especially why I want to spend those precious minutes with them. I would like for this place to become the home of their heart, the place where they can go home and rest when their hearts are tired. Inaccessible to others, their one truly special place……Customer, would you like to have a drink ?
                                                    ── 《World Piece&Peace》

A few months ago, I finished World Piece&Peace, or wpp for short. The game has stuck with me and I still think about parts of it on a daily basis. However, despite how much I liked the game in the end, it remains very hard to recommend to someone for many reasons.
I think its greatest point like story structure and overarching themes are some of my favourites period but many elements would just put people off, it’s not possible to know before actually playing the game but you’ll probably know by chapter 10 if it’s something for you or not. While I have great memories I would probably not go through it again unless the remake project actually finishes someday.

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