The Big Bang Theory (Season 8)

ep.15 The Comic Book Store Regeneration

时长:00:20:26 / 首播:2015-02-19
Barry Kripke stops by to thank Amy for helping him with her ideas on string theory, which bothers Sheldon because she never helped him out when he was working on it. He complains to Penny who tells him to let it go. Instead Sheldon reveals that Amy was secretly performing experiments on Penny and comparing the results with those of a chimpanzee. Penny gets mad at Amy, deflecting Sheldon's anger at her. Leonard also gets mad when he finds out that Sheldon was helping Amy do the same thing to him.

Stuart has opened his new comic book store, which impresses everyone except Howard who finds him using the den furniture that his mother had given him. Howard gets a call from Florida where his mother is visiting, and receives news that she died in her sleep. Everyone, including Sheldon, goes to comfort Howard. After he and Bernadette leave for Florida, the rest of the gang remember and toast the passing of Mrs. Wolowitz, calling her "everyone's mother".

Recurring characters: John Ross Bowie as Barry Kripke, Kevin Sussman as Stuart
Guest stars: Nathan Fillion as Customer, Angela Relucio as Hostess

Title reference: The reopening of the comic book store by Stuart.
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