Vicious (Season 1)

ep.2 Episode 2

时长:00:22:30 / 首播:2013-05-06
Freddie and Stuart go shopping for a new coat, meanwhile new neighbour Ash seeks advice from them on winning back his ex-­girlfriend. Their best friend Violet is more than happy to help and she and Penelope take Ash shopping for a gift. When they spot Stuart working in a men's outfitters, they suspect him of having an affair, but Stuart admits that he has taken a job because Freddie's acting is no longer bringing in enough income to live comfortably and he wants to be able to buy him an expensive coat. Later, Freddie goes to the shop and makes the same discovery, but pretends to believe that Stuart is having an affair because he does not want to hurt his pride. Ash tells Violet that her help in getting him his girlfriend back worked, but that he has finished with her anyway because he wants the same level of commitment that Freddie and Stuart have to one another.
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(Hard-boiled wonderland.)
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