Vicious (Season 1)

ep.4 Episode 4

时长:00:22:16 / 首播:2013-05-20
Ash invites Freddie, Stuart, Penelope and Mason to go clubbing, which Freddie and Stuart turn into a popularity contest. After becoming more popular with Ash's friends than Stuart, Freddie boasts his success, only to feel out of place due to his age. Realizing his inappropriate behaviour and selfishness, he then apologizes and makes up with Stuart. Meanwhile, Violet heads abroad to Argentina in order to meet her new online partner.
#1 - 2013-5-21 21:17
It's the mirror笑尿
#2 - 2013-5-22 08:33
so sweet……续订太好了!
#3 - 2013-5-23 13:02