JINN[ジン] ~永遠の勇士~

  • 开发: 天津堂
  • 平台: PC-98
  • WIN95
  • 游戏类型: ADV+RPG
  • 发行日期: 1994-09-02
  • ブランド: 天津堂


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The hero of this game (whom the player must name at the beginning) is much more interested in pretty girls than in ancient prophecies and religious rituals. However, once he finds out that his sweetheart Adiana is a descendant of an ancient god, and that young men of the village participate in a dangerous ritual in order to be chosen as her husband, the hero decides he must act. Little does he know that this would just be the beginning of a long adventure, involving all this stuff he is not interested in... plus lots of pretty girls!


7.0 推荐
Bangumi Game Ranked:--




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