Cristina Milizia

  • 性别:
  • 生日: 1984年2月1日
  • 身高: 157cm
  • imdb_id: nm3053337

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职业: 声优

Cristina Milizia (maiden name Cristina Ulloa) was born in Oakland, California on February 1st, 1984. She began her voiceover career at the age of eight. Her parents are both professional vocalists and musicians, and as such, she spent much of her childhood in recording studios. She was repeatedly singled out by engineers to come in and voice various projects. She won her very first job for The Learning Company accidentally; as Cristina was waiting in the lobby for her mother, who was auditioning for the part, the casting director asked her if she wanted to try. She booked it, and from then on was called in on a regular basis.

The daughter of a Peruvian immigrant and a mother who grew up in Mexico, Cristina Milizia was raised bi-culturally and speaks both Spanish and English. As a bilingual singing voice actor, Cristina spent most of her early career specializing in toys and games. Her credits include almost every toy company in the United States, including Mattel, Fisher-Price, Hasbro, Leapfrog, Toys R Us, Hallmark, MGA Entertainment, Build-A-Bear, American Girl, Moose, Jakks Pacific, Playhut and Play Along Toys. She later expanded into video games and landed her first major video game roles as Annie, Amumu, and Nunu the Yeti Rider for Riot Games' League of Legends, now one of the largest video games in the world.


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