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Forgotten Empires is an independent full-service game developer focused on Windows PC games and mobile apps. While headquartered in the U.S., our team consists of 51 passionate individuals from around the globe, each of whom brings a unique skill set and perspective to the table.

Despite being in game-development, most of us have spent a sizeable portion of our lives on the other side – in the gamer’s seat. This gives us invaluable insight and, along with our collective work experience, assures the quality of our work. As gamers, we value immersion and tend to go ‘all in,’ even to the point of being uber-competitive. For instance, with the renowned Age of Empires series, we had been deeply involved in the competitive scene: running tournaments and elevating the game’s e-sport status.

In addition to making our own games, we also lend our services to other game designers. This includes both those looking to leverage our team and talents to take their project to the next level, as well as those starting from scratch and hoping to see their ideas come to fruition. When having the privilege of partnering with other companies, we thrive on exceeding expectations. We think this is one of the main reasons we continue to enjoy long-standing relationships with clients such as Microsoft Studios.

To best serve our partners and to ensure seamless production, we specialize in:

Software Engineering
Concept Artwork
Artistic and Gameplay Design
Graphic Design
3D Modeling and Animation
Sound and Music
Localization Services
Quality Assurance Testing

We’re also recognized as an official Microsoft Supplier.


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