Rayark Inc. 雷亚游戏

  • 简体中文名: 雷亚游戏
  • 别名: Rayark
  • 生日: 2011年9月
  • 官方网站: https://www.rayark.com/
  • 官方微博: https://weibo.com/u/5702768011

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职业: 制作人员

Rayark is a team of passionate game developers who are dedicated to creating
high-quality gaming experiences and digital contents on various platforms.

2011.9        Rayark Inc. founded
2012.1        Cytus, music rhythm game, released on iOS and Android to great acclaim
2012.11        Mandora, character based casual game, released on iOS and Android, 4 million downloads in 3 months
2013.6        Cytus Lambda, music rhythm game, newly released on PlayStation®Mobile
2013 Q3 & Q4        Scheduled releases of 2 new music rhythm games on mobile platforms
2013 Q4        Scheduled release of next-gen 3D action game on mobile platforms


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