• 中文名: GEAR战士电童
  • 开发: ナツメ
  • 发行: バンダイ
  • 别名: Gear Senshi Dendoh
  • 平台: PS
  • 游戏类型: ACT (Beat 'em up)
  • 游玩人数: 1 - 2人
  • 发行日期: 2001年4月26日


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GEAR Senshi Dendoh is a beat-em-up/ fighting game whose characters and plot are based on the anime show of the same name. The first segment of each level is straight 2D beat-em-up. The player controls Dendoh, fighting his way through waves of evil machine, picking up weapons and energy refills used for special attacks. Besides the normal jumps, kicks and punches, Dendoh can use a variety of combo attacks for devastating effects, as well as grab weapons or enemies as he fights.
The first segment typically ends with Dendoh facing a mini-boss. After defeating it, Dendoh receives an energy refill, which is used in the second segment of the level. This segment is a 3D "versus mode" fighting game in which the titular mecha fights Knight GEAR Orge, (a second-in-command boss that keeps coming back EVERY level) who looks very similar to Dendoh, and carries an animal themed Data Weapon (e.g Unicorn Drill, Dragon Flare). Once he defeats the boss, Dendoh acquires his Data Weapon, which can be used as a special attack that hits every enemy on screen or a melee/range weapon to fight Knight GEAR Orge in subsequent levels.

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