Sakharine 萨卡林

  • 简体中文名: 萨卡林
  • 别名: 伊万·伊万诺维奇·萨卡林
  • Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine
  • 性别:


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Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine is a model ship collector who owned an identical model ship to one that Tintin purchased at the Old Street Market in Brussels.

He is a ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to obtain the treasure of the Unicorn from the bottom of the ocean, which he believes is property of his ancestor, Red Rackham, who was murdered by Sir Francis Haddock, the ancestor of Captain Haddock. Armed with a deadly sword concealed in his cane, a peregrine falcon for use, and thugs Tom and Allan by his side, Sakharine is willing to use any means necessary to find the treasure and lead Tintin and Haddock to their ultimate demise.