Geometry Wars: Galaxies

  • 中文名: 几何战争:银河
  • 开发: Bizarre Creations
  • 发行: Sierra、Sierra Entertainment
  • 别名: 几何战争2
  • 平台: Wii / NDS
  • 游戏类型: STG
  • 游玩人数: 1
  • 发行日期: 2007-11-23
  • 开发商: Bizarre Creations / Kuju Entertainment


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The object of Geometry Wars: Galaxies is to survive as long as possible and score as many points as possible by destroying a constant, generally increasing swarm of enemies. The game takes place in a closed, two-dimensional playfield, and the game ends when the player loses his/her last life. The player controls a claw-shaped "ship" that can move and fire simultaneously in any direction. (The ship's movement and firing directions are independent of one another.) On the Wii, the player moves the ship with the Nunchuk controller's joystick, while pointing the Wii Remote at the screen to aim. The player can also use the Classic Controller, moving with the left stick and firing with the right stick (the game does not support the GameCube controller). On the DS, the player moves using the D-Pad and can aim either with the touch screen or using the A, B, X, Y buttons.

In addition to the updated control schemes, Galaxies introduces new enemies, multiplayer support, and several changes to the scoring system.

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