Noviy Aladdin 剧场版

  • 制片地区/国家: 苏联
  • 上映年度: 1979
  • 片长: 10min
  • 导演: Ivan Davydov
  • 编剧: Mikhail Lipskerov
  • 主演: Vladimir Etush(voice),Vsevolod Larionov(voice),Vasiliy Livanov(voice)
  • IMDb: tt6100134


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      Animation is a kind of parody of the famous fairy tale about Aladdin and the magic lamp. Heroes of the old eastern fairy tale authors have placed in our time. Alas, but modern Aladdin is not at all the charming, cheerful and hardworking poor whom everyone loved so much. The hero is lazy and selfish, but he knows the tale of his distant ancestor well, so when an evil sorcerer comes to him, he is not lost, takes the magic lamp from the vault and becomes the master of the almighty Genie, the lamp-slave. The goal of the guy is to become the son-in-law of the Sultan. He does not mind, but he needs to complete tasks and show what he is capable of in his life.


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