Corn Chips 剧场版

  • 中文名: 玉米花栗鼠
  • 上映年度: 1951
  • 片长: 7m
  • 导演: Jack Hannah
  • Copyright: Walt Disney


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      As Donald Duck is clearing snow from his house's walkway, he notices that chipmunks Chip 'n' Dale are busy clearing the snow off their branch. He pulls the branch down to the ground, fooling the chipmunks into clearing his path as well into a hydrant, and then walks into his house, laughing as the chipmunks realize the trick. Annoyed & angered, the chipmunks plan to teach him a lesson, & approach the house where they discover that Donald's trying to pop some popcorn which they plan to get their hands on. While he goes out to collect some firewood, the chipmunks enter the house and try to eat the popcorn. They aren't able to chew it, and a frustrated Chip kicks some bits of corn into the fireplace, which pops. Donald returns and pops a bowl of popcorn with Chip & Dale inside, but they find a way to steal his bowl. The duck enters a fierce battle with the chipmunks for possession of the popcorn, including swapping its location, & a game of catch, which ends with Donald trying to burn down Chip and Dale's tree. The duo immediately find more boxes of popcorn, and pour them down on the fire, causing a whole shower of popcorn to cover the front of Donald's house forever. Concluding the short, a disgruntled, annoyed, & angered Donald ends up having to clear popcorn out of his walkway for the rest of his life.


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