Trailer Horn 剧场版

  • 中文名: 拖车喇叭
  • 上映年度: 1950
  • 片长: 7m
  • 其他: Jack Hannah
  • Copyright: Walt Disney


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      Chip 'n' Dale wake up one day & go out to collect nuts but then come upon Donald Duck (who is out having a nice relaxing vacation)'s footprints & claim he has stolen their nuts, commenting thievery isn't in the constitution & they plan to give him a lesson. They follow his footprints to his house trailer, where they find Donald asleep & counting sheep (Chip opened Donald's eyes to see sheep jumping over a hurdle & comments "Well what do you know?" then closed it) and begin to jump on the horn, waking Donald. Angered, he capture Dale, but Chip bites his foot painfully & they run away. They replay the scene & laugh hysterically.

      Then Donald goes swimming & hops onto a diving board. Seeing how it works, Chip 'n' Dale decide to try it out, come out of hiding & mess with the diving board, which causes Donald to land onto the board & later land in his trailer, inevitably causing a mess. He figures out the trick, captures the chipmunks, puts in the horn then rapidly honks it & tosses them away with a pie he splats them into with & laughs before he cleans up the chaos & eat breakfast.

      Chip then notices a pine cone tree & hatch a new plan. They use the tree as a vantage point, where they see from the hole in the trailer, Donald eating his breakfast, & to the tune of Stop, Look, & Listen throw pine cones at his breakfast & on his head. Angered, a mad Donald resorts to his last effort, his car, & begins using it to ram the tree. When it doesn't work, he heads his car up a rocky cliff & at full speed makes the tree lean like a catapult leans & leaves Chip 'n' Dale on the edge. But before Donald can tear them apart, the chipmunks hop off the tree, &, realizing he's doomed, Donald gravelly & funereally bids farewell before his car is shot into the cliff & is destroyed & slowly slips toward the ground. Chip & Dale then watch from the sidelines as Donald, who has survived, but has lost his mind, comes out of the hood with the horn in his mouth & steering wheel in his hands, &, behaving like a car, honks his horn repeatedly & "drives" away toward the horizon as the cartoon ends.


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