Chef Donald 剧场版

  • 中文名: 厨师唐老鸭
  • 上映年度: 1941
  • 片长: 8m
  • 导演: Jack King
  • Copyright: Walt Disney


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      Donald is listening to a radio cooking program and mixes up a batch of waffles, but he's distracted and uses rubber cement instead of baking powder. The batter proves to be unusually stiff. First, his spoon gets stuck and the batter acts like a rubber-band airplane, flying the bowl around the room.

      Next, Donald falls with his head in the batter, he tries to get out but initially, he can't (with angry quacking and a lot of bubbles popping), and his tail in the waffle iron. Then he tries to chop it with an ax, and the ax flies up and splits the room in half.

      Finally, he throws the bowl out the door; it sticks to the knob while the bowl gets stuck between two trees. The stretching causes a branch to knock on the door, tricking Donald into opening it and letting the batter back in. After several attempts, he has had enough and rushes to the radio studio where the cooking program is being broadcast, and takes his anger out on Old Mother Mallard.

      As he approaches the radio station, the radio shakes and wobbles showing that Donald is violently attacking Old Mother Mallard!


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