Sierra Ops

  • 发行: Sekai Project
  • 别名: Sierra Ops : Episode 1 - Collapsing Daybreak
  • Sierra Ops : Episode 2 - Dissonance and Resonance
  • Sierra Ops : Episode 3 - Unending Dusk
  • Sierra Ops : Episode 4 - Cadence of the Morning Star
  • 平台: PC
  • 游玩人数: 1人
  • 发行日期: 2020年1月16日
  • 官方网站:
  • 开发: Innomen Team


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    • 尘世
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    After nearly decimating all of mankind over three centuries ago, humanity looked to the stars to rebuild their past glory. With the invention of terraforming technology, self-sustaining, man-made ecosystems and reliable space travel, large off-planet colonies and mining posts were soon established to feed the ever-growing human population. The power of the human race grew. However, with power comes corruption. With corruption comes imbalance. With imbalance comes unrest. With unrest comes war.

    Play as Captain Junius Fahrenheit, a soldier of the United Terran Vanguard onboard the state-of-the-art ship, the Sierra, as him and his crew are thrown into humanity’s first interplanetary war. Tasked to protect Earth and free its colonies from under the Ares Confederacy of Mars’ grasp, there’s no question that he must fight to protect everything he stands for…

    But what exactly is it he stands for? Who is right? Who is wrong? Does it even matter? Perhaps there’s more to this than meets the eye.


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