D.P.S. SG Set 2

  • 平台: PC98
  • 发行日期: 1991-04-15
  • ブランド: Alice Soft
  • シナリオ: PD.
  • 原画: ひでSAN
  • デザイン: TADA
  • 音楽: 五太郎


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D.P.S. SG Set 2 is the third entry in the D.P.S./Dream Program System series. Like the other D.P.S. games, it is a collection of three short scenarios, which are unrelated to each other story-wise and can be played separately. Those scenarios are presented as cartridges played on a fictional console named Dream Program System. Each scenario allows the player to choose between two different protagonists, or two different personalities for the protagonist. All of the scenarios feature nudity and/or sexual situations.

The scenarios in this game include:

A horror story entitled Antique House, in which a young couple is trapped at night in a secluded haunted mansion, possessed by monsters. The player can choose the personality of the female character before beginning, influencing the story with this choice.

A modern-day story without any supernatural elements, entitled Red Night. The protagonist is a man who finds himself in a hotel when a fire starts. Trying to escape, he enters a room occupied by a prostitute. The following events evolve slightly differently, depending on the personality choice made by the player before the start of the game.

A sequel to the second episode of the first D.P.S. game. Once again, the player chooses either the male doctor Katsuki or the female doctor Katsumi whose goal is to seduce the patient, the cute school girl Yumiko.

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