Clancy Brown 克兰西·布朗

  • 简体中文名: 克兰西·布朗
  • 别名: Clarence J. Brown III
  • 性别:
  • 生日: 1959年1月5日
  • 身高: 192cm
  • 引用来源:
  • imdb_id: nm0000317

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Clancy Brown is an American actor who portrays Hank Anderson in Detroit: Become Human. His prolific acting career spans several decades, and he is known for his voice roles in video games, as well as acting roles in movies and television. The video game franchises he is most tied to are SpongeBob SquarePants and Crash Bandicoot. His voice is also well known as Mr. Krabs in SpongeBob SquarePants television episodes and movies. Other notable roles include voicing Lex Luthor across DC franchises, as well as Long Feng from Avatar.


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