Mama 瑪瑪

  • 简体中文名: 瑪瑪
  • 别名: 玛琳珍
  • Målingen
  • ママー
  • 性别:
  • 引用来源:


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Mama is a main character in Death Stranding. She has affiliations with Bridges.

Somehow, Mama's daughter was born on the "other side" and manifested as a beached thing. Mama and her daughter are still connected to one another via an ethereal umbilical cord. For an unknown reason, Mama's child is fixed to a Bridges compound, resulting in Mama likewise being unable to leave the compound.

At some point, Mama finds herself almost entirely trapped underneath fallen concrete debris, save for her head.

Mama's outfit bears a Bridges insignia different from the standard one. It is uniquely monochrome, uses a different font for "Bridges", and features a completely different webbed design – one not based on the continental United Cities. (The unique insignia can be seen in the full resolution infobox image of her above.)
Mama lactates, despite her beached daughter being unable to drink the produced milk.



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