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那个有人欢喜有人愁的市场 无外乎就是这四个字实践也证实了这一点 勤于思考 有自信和勇气 多总结反思 不犯同样的错误思想不要被拘束 只会越来越好 睡眠少还精力充沛 真好。 那就做些对得起宝贵 ... (more)


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Now the commencement speakers will typically also wish you good luck and extend good wishes to you. I will not do that, and I’ll tell you why. From time to time in the years to ... (more)

follow my heart(怂有什么不好呢)

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(bgm89)curiosity and intuition I'm convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You've got to find what you love. And that is as true for your wor ... (more)

千代子与郭襄 发现自我的过程是如此迷人

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竟然感觉这两人何其相似 无论二人身份有何等变化,她们都在追逐而未停歇。 有人说郭襄一见杨过误终身,好似郭襄就是个恋爱脑而已。我却感觉郭襄能得小东邪的名号,她的追求应该不限于此,也许江湖才是她 ... (more)

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