The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010)

  • 中文名: 魔法师的学徒
  • 主演: Nicolas Cage、Jay Baruchel、Alfred Molina、Monica Bellucci、Teresa Palmer
  • 别名: El aprendiz de brujo
  • 魔法师的门徒
  • 集数: 1
  • 开始: 2010-07-14
  • 国家/地区: 美国
  • 语言: 英语/粤语/乌克兰语
  • 每集长: 109分钟
  • imdb_id: tt0963966
  • 导演: Jon Turteltaub
  • 编剧: Lawrence Konner、Mark Rosenthal


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    The Sorcerer's Apprentice is a 2010 American fantasy adventure film produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by Jon Turteltaub, and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, the team behind the National Treasure franchise. The film is named after the The Sorcerer's Apprentice segment in Disney's Fantasia (with one scene being an extensive reference to it), which in turn is based on the late 1890s symphonic poem by Paul Dukas and the 1797 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ballad.
    Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage), a "Merlinean", is a sorcerer in modern-day Manhattan, fighting against the forces of evil, in particular his nemesis, Maxim Horvath (Alfred Molina), while searching for the person who will inherit Merlin's powers. This turns out to be Dave Stutler (Jay Baruchel), a physics student, whom Balthazar takes as a reluctant protégé. The sorcerer gives his unwilling apprentice a crash course in the art of science, magic, and sorcery, in order to stop Horvath and Morgana le Fay (Alice Krige) from raising the souls of the evil dead sorcerers ("Morganians") and destroying the world.

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