Accidental Woman

  • 开发: ThaumX
  • 平台: PC
  • 官方网站:


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      Accidental Woman provides a unique combination of game elements, having the many options and open-world play of a life sim game, but also including rich fiction and numerous plot threads throughout. It features high-quality erotic writing that is written to accommodate the uniqueness of the PC and NPCs, while still allowing control of individual actions in an encounter. The game also features a detailed NPC generator (along with player customization of the generator) and will have an NPC editor that allows players to create custom NPCs to populate Appletree.

          An erotic fictional world to explore.

          In-depth sex and relationships.

          Woven story with the story thread system.

          Highly detailed non-player character generation.

          Rich life simulation without the repetitiveness of many recurring tasks.

          Highly expandable and customizable.


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