The Looking Glass

  • 平台: PC
  • 游戏类型: Yume Nikki fangame
  • 游戏引擎: RPG Maker 2003
  • 售价: Free
  • 官方网站:
  • 开发: bleet (blt)


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    英文派生。 与其它派生以及本家的最大不同点是有许多对话的场景和可调查之物。

    The Looking Glass is a game about a young girl named Irene who finds she can meld through her mirror and come out on the other side to the Mirror World; a place that is composed of mirror images of her bedroom, her apartments, and her home town. Not only that, but the world itself is filled with many interesting sub worlds. The laws of reality are warped in the Mirror World, and as such, Irene can run across bizarre locations, interesting and intriguing characters and animals, and aquire her own abilities by finding them scattered throughout the worlds.

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