Prank Masters

  • 平台: PC
  • 游戏类型: Simulation , Visual Novel
  • 发行日期: 17 November 2014 (Demo)
  • 售价: $14.99 USD
  • 官方网站:


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    Her parents are famous writers and big fans of Shakespeare. Hoping for a daughter filled with beauty and grace, they named her Juliet.

    Instead, their daughter grew up to be the opposite. She's a girl who cares about doing things her own way; the prank master way.

    When her parents bring her to a new town in search of inspiration for their careers, Juliet is enrolled into a new school.

    A few unexpected situations make her first day of school, one to remember. Now, after having not pulled a prank in a while, she is quickly back to her old self.

    Though this time it's not just going to be all about pranks. Juliet might be running into a few unexpected feelings as well...

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