Théâtre de M. et Mme. Kabal 剧场版

  • 中文名: 卡波夫妇的剧院
  • 别名: Mr. and Mrs. Kabal's Theatre
  • 上映年度: *1967
  • 片长: 80
  • 其他:


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        Walerian Borowczyk唯一的一部动画长片,原长80分钟,之后出了个几分钟的concert精简版。
        This is perhaps one of the funnies, yet most bizarre movies I have ever seen. I am in awe. Heavily surreal. Every scene has so much creative power and craziness you just can't avoid being fascinated by it.
        There's a story too of course, but I'm not sure I'd dare to try and explain it.. It was all so confusing. Well, there's Mrs. Kabal.. a funny old lady which seems to think she's something important(like the old lady in Sunset Blv. or something..) And there's butterflies, and Mr. Kabal, and a huge house.. and these strangelooking creatures.. and so much details. Its so funny. At one point Mr. Kabal tries to puncture a hole in Mrs. Kabals huge chest, and instead of it shrinking.. the whole woman grows into a giant! And then Mr. Kabal finds the hole in her stomach and comes into this huge building inside her with stairs, windows and stuff..
        And then Mrs. Kabal was shouting at him to do tasks in there. It was all pretty weird to follow. But there was a story going on. See this if you get the chance!


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      Xie3 Project @ 2017-1-25 18:07

      Walerian Borowczyk唯一长片,仍然是欧洲前卫风格,脑洞挺大

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