Modern Family (Season 9)

ep.17 Royal Visit

时长:00:21:02 / 首播:2018-03-28
Haley brings her genius Astrophysicist boyfriend Dr. Arvin Fennerman to the Dunphy house for introducing him to Phil, Claire and Luke. Alex dates a good looking, dim witted but sensible Fire fighter Bill, whom she meets while he saves her from a small fire accident in her room. She is a bit mean to him as he is not smart. Phil and Claire try to outsmart each other to impress the Genius but some incident lead to a mishap in the house. Meanwhile Jay and Gloria get intimidated by Joe's friends parents whom Joe idolizes. Cam lies to Mitch and goes to the Royal Palace to watch the game and meets his favourite player. They talk with each other and end their misery at the end.