Westworld Season 2

ep.2 Reunion

时长: / 首播:2018-04-29
Dolores remembers she's been to the outside world; William makes a bold business venture.
#1 - 2018-5-2 10:23
Logan Delos 又出来了,第一季被绑在马背上还以为死了呢(bgm38)
#2 - 2018-5-2 20:44
(Time is not your enemy, forever is)
You didn't make me interested in you.
You made me interested in me.
Turns out you're not even a thing.

You're a reflection.
And you know who loves staring at their own reflection?
#3 - 2018-5-3 00:47
#4 - 2018-5-3 12:44
(Time is not your enemy, forever is)