Silicon Valley (Season 1)

ep.6 Third Party Insourcing

时长: / 首播:2014-05-11
Pied Piper is nearing completion, but Richard is having serious issues coding the cloud-based integration modules for the application, so much so that Jared, Gilfoyle, Erlich and Dinesh pressure him into hiring Kevin "The Carver", an Adderall-addicted teenaged programmer with a specialty in cloud integration. Gilfoyle's new satanistic girlfriend, Tara (Milana Vayntrub), visits the incubator, and Gilfoyle wrongfully tells Dinesh that Tara wants to have sex with him, and that this prospect sexually arouses both Tara and Gilfoyle. Jared gets stranded on Peter's automated island due to a programming error, and The Carver inadvertently destroys all of the Pied Piper code, forcing the team to revise all of it.
#1 - 2014-5-13 11:54
你们没有用 git 么....
#2 - 2014-5-13 12:00
居然还有 Jenkins ..
#3 - 2014-5-13 12:07

#3-1 - 2014-5-14 01:13
是HBO的一個域名....像咱這樣無聊的人還真不少.. ... m-p/370558?nobounce
#3-2 - 2014-5-14 01:32
糖炒小虾 说: 是HBO的一個域名....像咱這樣無聊的人還真不少.. ... m-p/370558?nobounce
嗯...查過了是投 Pied Piper 的那個公司。
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