Penny Dreadful Season 1

ep.1 Night Work

时长:00:52:47 / 首播:2014-05-11
In Victorian England, the enigmatic Vanessa Ives enlists the skilled marksman/con man Ethan Chandler to do some "night work" for her. That night, she introduces him to Sir Malcolm Murray, the father of Mina Murray, who has recently been abducted. The three of them infiltrate a vampire nest in search of Mina, but instead find and kill a vicious vampire, which upon further investigation, appears to have Egyptian hieroglyphics etched beneath its skin, later revealed to be from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Ethan, overwhelmed by the new world opening up before him, takes his payment and leaves Vanessa and Malcolm's service, but is later seen to be highly tempted to return. While the horrific slaughter of a young mother and her small daughter rocks the city, Malcolm enlists the help of Victor Frankenstein, who brings his famous monster to life during the episode's conclusion.
#1 - 2014-5-4 00:37