Black Mirror (Series 2)

ep.1 Be Right Back

时长:00:48:38 / 首播:2013-02-11

Martha and Ash are a young couple who move to a remote cottage. The day after they move, Ash is killed returning the hire van.
At the funeral, Martha's friend Sara tells her about a new service that lets people stay in touch with the deceased. By using all his past online communications and social media profiles, a new 'Ash' can be created. Martha rejects the idea outright, however that evening Sara signs her up anyway. When Martha finds an e-mail supposedly from Ash, she furiously confronts Sara, however her friend suggests she just give it a try.
Over the next few days, Martha finds her grief to be overwhelming and things are made worse when she discovers she is pregnant. Emotionally unstable, she finds the e-mail from 'Ash' and responds. She finds herself communicating with him through instant messaging, and informs him of the pregnancy. Soon after, she uploads videos and photos of Ash to the server, and as a result is called by the service duplicating his voice. Martha is overwhelmed with emotion, but allows herself to believe that she is talking to her dead partner. Over the next few weeks, she talks to him almost non-stop over her phone and keeps him updated regarding the pregnancy. After a while, he suggests buying a synthetic body that has just been marketed and uploading the program to it.
Martha does this and following the program's instructions allows the body to take on Ash's physical characteristics. What emerges is a body that looks a lot, but not completely, like Ash (it is missing distinctive features, like a mole and his beard). Martha soon finds herself ill at ease with the 'clone', as it lacks certain habits that the real Ash had and does what she says without question. Things are made worse when Martha's sister (who doesn't know anything about what's happening) calls and, finding men's clothes in the bathroom, compliments her sister for 'moving on'.
Martha decides she cannot take any more after an argument and takes the Ash clone to a local suicide point and orders it to jump off the cliff, but it refuses (albeit, only when Martha tells it the real Ash wouldn't have willingly jumped). After this there is a black out, and the episode cuts to several years later on the birthday of Martha's daughter. The daughter persuades Martha to allow access to the attic because it is her birthday. The clone of ash appears confined to the attic. The daughter brings the clone a piece of cake and then calls for Martha.
#1 - 2013-2-17 22:27
另 不是反乌托邦故事不幸福
#2 - 2013-2-20 11:27
(人家不是宅了啦 > <)
#3 - 2013-3-2 10:32
#4 - 2013-3-6 12:30
#5 - 2013-3-23 05:44
I feel bad for the clone. I would treat him really well if I had someone like him...guess I'm just a bit twisted.
#6 - 2013-7-17 10:09
(Idle singer of an empty day)
you're just a performance of stuff that he performed without thinking
#7 - 2015-9-7 22:15
#8 - 2016-4-11 00:53
(Anyone should take the consequences for his action ...)
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(9块包邮的蓝牙适配器能用多久,我很好奇! ...)
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